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TechWeb, the global leader in business technology media, announced that Internet Evolution, a Web 2.0 site dedicated to investigating the future of the Internet, has added exclusive access to a mobile blog – entitled “Alan Reiter’s Wireless Web World” – for readers from their wireless devices only. For access to the Internet Evolution mobile site from a wireless handset, visit: http://www.internetevolution.com/mobile/.

Alan Reiter's Wireless Web World.The blog, written by Alan Reiter, President of Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing, a consulting firm that helps wireless data businesses in the United States and abroad, will cover a wide range of wireless Internet subjects, including wireless email, games, music, videos, location technologies, 3G/3.5G/4G, online applications for phones, social networking, privacy/security, mobile browsers, mobile marketing/advertising, femtocells and wireless UMPCs/MIDs/subnotebooks.

“We launched this killer blog in response to our readers’ voracious appetite for wireless access to news,” said Stephen Saunders, Internet Evolution creator and blogger. “This is the latest example of our commitment to provide our audience with critical Internet-focused information in what they select as the most effective delivery method.”

About Internet Evolution

Internet Evolution hosts more than 100 world-famous Internet experts – such as Kevin Mitnick, once the most-wanted computer hacker in the world; Dr. Lawrence Roberts, inventor of packet switching, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on telecom network architectures; Jack Uldrich, futurist, scholar, and author; Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist.com; David Weinberger, technologist and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto; Howard Schmidt, former White House cybersecurity adviser; and Norman J. Ornstein, political scientist and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) – all of whom are addressing today’s critical socio-economic issues within its ThinkerNet blogosphere. Internet Evolution also offers broadcast-quality broadband video documentaries and interviews; investigative reports; and user-generated content facilitated via the latest Web 2.0 technology. Internet Evolution is a joint production of Light Reading, the world’s leading publishing, event and research company focusing on communications service providers and InformationWeek, the largest, most influential community of IT buyers and providers, focusing on driving and setting the agenda for business innovation powered by technology.

About TechWeb

TechWeb.TechWeb, the global leader in business technology media, is an innovative business focused on serving the needs of technology decision-makers and marketers worldwide. TechWeb produces the most respected and consumed media brands in the business technology market. Today, more than 13.3 million* business technology professionals actively engage in our communities created around our global face-to-face events Interop, Web 2.0, Black Hat and VoiceCon; online resources such as the TechWeb Network, Light Reading, Intelligent Enterprise, InformationWeek.com, bMighty.com, and The Financial Technology Network; and the market leading, award-winning InformationWeek, TechNet Magazine, MSDN Magazine, Wall Street & Technology magazines. TechWeb also provides end-to-end services ranging from next-generation performance marketing, integrated media, research, and analyst services. TechWeb is a division of United Business Media, a global provider of news distribution and specialist information services with a market capitalization of more than $2.5 billion.

*13.3 million business decision-makers: based on # of monthly connections.


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Bloggers and social media enthusiasts on the Internet have weighed in on the heated race for the democratic presidential nomination, and while the press and pundits are declaring Clinton’s victory in Pennsylvania a possible turning point in her road to the White House, Obama is still the big winner in the blogosphere.

According to RelevantNoise, Zeta Interactive’s technology that mines the Internet’s social media landscape – including blogs, as well as Consumer Generated Media (CGM) – the amount of buzz, or volume of posts, on the Internet regarding Barack Obama continues to be higher than Hillary Clinton. In fact, while both candidates received a substantial boost in buzz from the Pennsylvania primary, Obama’s spike far exceeded Clinton’s despite her win – with the volume of posts on Obama registering more than twice that of Clinton’s.

Volume of posts on Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton from March (3/24/08) - April (4/24/08).

However, although Obama clearly wins in terms of buzz among the social media landscape, not all of the buzz is positive. While Obama registered a 70 percent share of voice among positive posts on the social internet, he also recorded nearly the same percentage of share within the negative posts. This means that of all the bloggers who posted negative opinions on one of the two candidates, Obama stole the vast majority of the share.

Tone comparison for Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton from March (3/24/08) - April (4/24/08).

RelevantNoise is a Web-based, user-driven social media mining tool that instantly taps into the over 75 million blogs, as well as message boards and online communities within the Internet’s social media landscape, providing real-time feedback and insight on the consumer trends and opinions that help drive their behaviors. A growing number of organizations rely on the technology to collect vital business and competitive intelligence to help drive decisions regarding their brands and products.

In addition to measuring the volume and tone of conversations across the blogosphere, RelevantNoise also measures the influence level of bloggers, and provides links to all related posts. In the case of Barack Obama, RelevantNoise detected a significant increase in both positive and negative posts from a mixture of thousands of online authors, ranging from very influential bloggers to lesser-known authors. The technology is also able to measure competitors’ Internet buzz as well, including share-of-voice. So that a company or political campaign can compare the volume and tone of buzz surrounding its organization vs. the competition to help gauge the effectiveness of messaging and/or quickly change strategy when necessary.

“We used our RelevantNoise technology to gain insight on the democratic presidential race, and determine what was being said about each candidate heading into the critical upcoming primaries,” said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. “Searching on public reaction to important news topics such as the Obama/Clinton race continues to illustrate the immediate value of blog mining intelligence and analysis to businesses throughout the world.”

Zeta Interactive continues to innovate the next generation of digital marketing for Fortune 1000 customers, and its clients with full-service digital marketing offerings, including its award-winning RelevantNoise technology.

About Zeta Interactive

Zeta Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a wide range of services – from email and search marketing, to web site development, creative, business intelligence services and more. The company aims to be the leading provider of integrated, interactive services that help marketers realize the full potential of the Internet to build brands, increase sales, improve processes, and reduce costs. Zeta Interactive’s specialty is in crafting strategies and programs for customers that help them acquire, retain, up-sell, cross-sell and win back their customers-cost effectively and efficiently. The company does so by providing superior proprietary technology and a marketing approach that is focused on accountability, measurability and ROI metrics.

Headquartered in New York City, Zeta Interactive has more than 300 employees worldwide located in California, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Rhode Island and India. The company serves more than 200 clients currently, including such world-class companies as Time Inc., Sony Electronics Inc., and LiveNation. For more information please visit: http://www.zetainteractive.com. For more information on Zeta Interactive’s RelevantNoise go to http://www.relevantnoise.com.

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When consumer spending takes a dive, it’s time for all marketers to focus efforts and dollars on smart marketing tactics. One key way is to use social media as your sounding board and your partner – but monitoring the millions of online venues where discussions occur can cost a fortune in employee time. Fortunately Andiamo Systems has launched an application that delivers real-time views of who is doing the talking, where it’s happening and whether opinion is positive or negative. It’s a premiere online Social Media Analysis company (http://www.andiamosystems.com) that provides marketers with the tools to assess and measure consumer conversations in online and mainstream media in one spot, updated around the clock.

Andiamo offers the best application in the marketplace to assist those in marketing, corporate communications and sales roles grasp and understand just what is being said about a particular product, company or service online. The advanced technology actively collects, processes and analyzes online social media data from millions of blogs, message boards, forums, social networks like MySpace and Flickr plus mainstream media including news sites and trade publications. The result is a suite of web-based reports that identifies the conversations occurring around brands, who the most influential speakers are, and whether the conversations are positive or negative about those brands. Positioned as a first-mover product for the midsize business, the social media analysis and brand monitoring application enables users to identify and act upon online consumer sentiment with much greater ease, accuracy and affordability.

“I love when we can work with companies like Icon Estates Wines to create measurable results for clients that really make a difference on their bottom line,” said John Hingley, Andiamo Systems founder & CEO. “I believe that marketers are just beginning to touch the tip of the iceberg in terms of what identification and interaction with influentials can do for them.”

Icon Estates Case Study: Identifying and Reaching Out to Influentials to Increase Online Sales

Background: Icon Estates, the luxury wine division of Constellation Brands, operates wineries with 12 brands and the e-commerce site HartwickandGrove.com. Understanding that many of today’s younger consumers may not be as influenced by traditional wine reviewers and publications to make purchase decisions, Matt Wood, Vice President of Retail Operations, decided to begin monitoring online ‘buzz’ and social media to discover who was talking about wines.

Icon Estates started a formal social media measurement program with Andiamo Systems to discover the popular and influential bloggers in the wine space. Matt quickly realized all the information Andiamo delivered allowed him to keep his finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment and market awareness of his brands.

Next step – to see if this information could boost sales in a measurable way.

Icon had inventory of a very high-end, highly rated wine that simply was not selling as well as they planned from their online store. Even after discounting it and advertising on traditional online outlets like Google AdWords, sales had remained flat. Could he harness the power of an ‘influential’ wine blogger to help drive sales?

What Happened: Andiamo Systems identified a potentially influential niche blog. They contacted the blogger through email and asked if they would help promote a special offer on one of the wines. They agreed to review the wine whether they liked it or not, but would not support promoting the special offer unless they were fans of the wine. Was this a risky move? What if he sent the wine and they gave it a poor review? Matt was confident in the quality so he sent a sample of the wine to them for review. And then he waited.

Outcome: The blogger enjoyed the wine and liked the idea of the special discount. They also agreed to include an exclusive offer code within their post. Within 24 hours, engagement with influentials to measurably increase online sales was determined.

“The day after they blogged about it, sales of the wine boosted dramatically, and continued over the next several weeks as word about the special offer spread,” said Matt. “We tracked the sales via the exclusive offer code they included in the review, so we knew the increased sales were due to the blog.”

Over the next few weeks, Matt sold more than 100 6-bottle cases, for sales in excess of $18,000. This surpassed the online sales of the wine up to that point, and far exceeded Matt’s expectations for the promotion. They were also was able to track the spread of the offer code across the blogosphere, finding that consumers were including it on other blogs and message boards as well. This is true viral growth, underscoring the value of engaging with influentials to drive brand perception and purchase.

CMOs, brand managers, marketing and sales executives – and their public relations and advertising agencies – need the technology Andiamo Systems’ provides. With it they have the ability to track market awareness & campaign spend impact, gain competitive intelligence, identify and engage with the biggest influencers of brand perception and purchase intent, position their products more effectively, and manage reputation issues all with one integrated tool.

Customers can sign up immediately and pricing begins at an affordable $500 per month. Interested companies are welcome to sign up for a demonstration and free 14-day trial at http://www.andiamosystems.com.

About Andiamo Systems

Andiamo Systems is a privately-held San Francisco-based on-demand software company empowering business of all sizes to monitor, measure and act on consumer conversations across the spectrum of online social media and mainstream media. Get more information about Andiamo Systems at http://www.andiamosystems.com or call 866-992-6342.

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