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The French Trade Office in San Francisco has announced the beginning of the French Tech Tour (FTT). The week long mission will introduce 11 French technology startups to the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley. The 11 finalists were selected from over 24 applicants by 9 supporting companies including AT&T, Cisco, Ebay, Google, HP, Intel Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Symantec. Backed by UBIFRANCE, the FTT focuses on bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and Paris. The week of workshops and one-on-one interviews will also include a mini-conference on May 21st called Valley Talk: Make It or Break It where both French and U.S. startups will learn strategies for business success.

In its second year, the FTT has quickly gained recognition in both the U.S. and France. Referred to as the home of some of the best high tech clusters in Europe, French companies continue to raise the technology bar for their U.S. counterparts. Participation in this tour furthers the collaboration between the two countries. This year’s startup companies include:

Bobex – a leading B2B e-marketplace, active in 6 countries, makes markets more transparent by matching local buyers and suppliers for non strategic products & services.

Exaprotect – a provider of regulatory and audit compliance log monitoring, event management for threat detection, and change management to allow business policy based network configuration change.

DELCREA – the inspirer in resolving the challenges of email from both diagnostic to efficiency solutions for individuals to large companies. Their software brings an innovative approach to control, organize and secure email faster and easier while reducing time building knowledge bases from existing content, and eliminating all risk of compromising internal and external business sensitive data.

myERP.com – a complete web-based ERP solution using Google technology (GWT & Google Apps) and covering all functional fields of company management around a single database: CRM, Commercial Management, Logistics, Points of sale, Finance & Accounting, Purchases, Production, Quality.

Maeglin – a mobile phone software company specialized in peer-to-peer exchanges. At Maeglin, we free people’s mobile, with Pleex a Mobile social networking software that allows content back up & sharing.

Momindum – the technology leader in the creation of rich media presentation. Our software generates, from recorded speech, professional presentations using synchronized documents and indexed video; our rich media are capitalized in a base with deep-tagging technology.

Newscape Technology – the top innovator in software graphical engines on mobile devices to enable the development of new applications using massive 2D / 3D vector data, textures, Content / Advertising and topography.

Sinequa – a search specialist created with the vision that corporate information is complex, heterogeneous and poorly organized. Sinequa has built a corporate search solution that can access to all sources and applications, managing security, using linguistic and semantic algorithms to add context to information and to offer intuitive navigation combined with efficient search.

STG Interactive – has invented a way for everybody on the planet to create their own secure and user-friendly mini-site, called a “frogans,” located on the Internet via its frogans address. STG Interactive provides developers and Internet users with free standard technology for authoring and browsing frogans, and is the directory provider of frogans addresses.

TellMeWhere – the first local search engine where relevancy of results are guided by recommendations of people you can choose and where content can be enriched and corrected by end-users, provides a better alternative to current local search engines or directories.

Twinsoft – an actor in Enterprise Mashups whose flagship product, Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server helps companies reuse their existing assets to build new and exciting WEB 2.0 composite applications for a fraction of the cost and time needed to complete software rewrites or traditional development.

Each company will hold one-on-one meetings with supporting companies’ corporate development teams, as well as interviews with media, training for presenting and demoing at conferences in the U.S. and introductions with some of the valley’s fast-growing startups.

The Valley Talk mini-conference will host keynote speaker Eric Benhamou CEO of Benhamou Global Ventures, Chairman of 3Com and former CEO of Palm. The show will include an in-depth talk with leading editor’s and analyst from CNET, Fortune, GuideWire Group and VentureBeat. Along with demonstrations from each company the event will conclude with a panel of leading executive in business development from sponsoring companies outlining what they are looking for in partnerships as well as potential acquisitions.

“Our goal is to build deeper relationships between the tech communities here in Silicon Valley and in France,” said Aymeril Hoang, Director, Information & Communications Technology, Embassy of France in the U.S. Trade Office. “By bridging this gap we can open the door to new opportunities for both countries. It’s as much about introducing Silicon Valley to the technology leadership in France as vice versa. Hopefully we are fostering and growing the big companies and partnerships of the future.”


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The Platform Global Conference 2008 (PGC08), to be held May 19-21, in Santa Clara, California, will bring together industry leaders IBM, HP, Dell, SAS, Microsoft and Platform Computing for a special panel on the growing environmental issues related to High Performance Computing (HPC). As the need for compute power continues to grow, the amount of electricity, cooling, space and equipment required for HPC datacenters has traditionally grown in lock step. The PGC08 panel on sustainable computing will explore opportunities available for hardware and software vendors to decrease datacenter demands and ultimately reduce their energy and carbon footprints. In addition, Robert F Kennedy Jr. will be delivering a keynote address on corporate responsibility and Microsoft’s General Manager Eddie Amos will be focusing his keynote speech on Microsoft’s efforts to improve energy efficiency in computing.

The panel session titled, “Can a HPC Datacenter Go Green?” moderated by Platform Computing, will investigate innovative strategies these companies are undertaking to help organizations create energy efficient datacenters and save costs. Panelists will discuss such topics as server consolidation, more power efficient servers, optimization of multi-core processors, enterprise resource sharing and workload dispatching based on environmental parameters. Audience participation is expected to be lively and valuable as companies explore energy-efficient initiatives.

“Energy efficiency and the effects of IT on the environment are among Microsoft’s chief concerns as power consumption rises faster than the average datacenter can accommodate,” said Eddie Amos, General Manager of Worldwide Partner Evangelism, Microsoft. “We’re committed to high performance computing and delivering energy efficient server platforms to help our customer address these power issues; we look forward to sharing our expertise with Platform, its partners and customers and are delighted to be participating at this important panel.”

“Our customers are looking to Platform and our partners to assist them in reducing their overall compute costs which include the huge expense in running their datacenters,” said Tom Zsolt, Vice President, Marketing, Platform Computing and PGC08 Green Panel Moderator. “The solutions to this issue will not come from one organization, but from an entire industry exploring different strategies to make the datacenter more energy efficient and subsequently more economic. We are very happy to have assembled such a respected panel to foster this discussion and hope the audience at PGC08 becomes involved in an educational exchange as we all work to tackle this issue.”

PGC08 is the premier event showcasing HPC solutions and will also feature keynote presentations by Scott Miller of DreamWorks Animation SKG and Dr. Earl Joseph, Vice President HPC Programs at IDC. With increasing pressure to deliver results faster, better, and more cost effective solutions, HPC technology continues to drive business performance and competitiveness. PGC08 is the place to learn how industry leaders leverage HPC management software across a diverse set of industries including Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Education and Government.

PGC08 is sponsored by Microsoft, IBM, HP, SAS and Dell. For additional details and to register visit http://www.platform.com/pgc08.

About Platform Computing

Platform Computing is a pioneer and the global leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) management software. The company delivers integrated software solutions that enable organizations to improve time-to-results and reduce computing costs. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on Platform to accelerate compute and data intensive applications and manage cluster and grid systems. Platform has over 2,000 global customers and strategic relationships with Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat and SAS, along with the industry’s broadest support for HPC applications. Building on 15 years of market leadership, Platform continues to define the HPC market. Visit http://www.platform.com.

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