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Nick O’Neill, at The Social Times ran a story on May 1 titled, MySpace Begins Charging for Application Promotion.

Short extract:

MySpace-Application-Promotion.Developers then realized a loop-hole to this model… Over the past couple days, MySpace launched a new page which includes a “featured” section… Developers began inquiring with MySpace about why only Slide applications were showing up there. The result? At least one developer I’ve spoken with found out that MySpace is in fact charging for those apps to be “featured.”… My sources have been pitched to at between $50,000 and $100,000 for one week as a featured application on the MySpace applications page…. it also means there could be trouble for a lot of smaller application developers…You’ll have to pay MySpace if you want to do that in the short-run and will have choose between using MySpace and other ad networks in the space in the long-run.

Since it was well researched, TechSadhu scarcely doubted the transparency of the article.

In an official statement to TechSadhu, MySpace confirmed the said strategy with substantial explanation.

Edited excerpt:

MySpace Application LogoYes, we’re an ad based site and… we have advertising – this is how we pay for cool initiatives like the developer platform. We also are currently running an “editors picks” program where we reserve some ad space for editorial in Featured Apps – they’re not all paid spots… The app gallery main page was designed to accommodate a wide variety of advertisers – everyone from the brand-driven… to the small / mid tier… who are very performance focused… to the space we have reserved for the editors picks.  Having advertising doesn’t mean we’re limiting developers from building rich and engaging apps.

Here are some points, backing the logical approach:

MySpace Platform Monetization Points


  • MySpace Logo.MySpace is an ad supported site, and is focused on balancing revenue and relevancy across all of its business units – including the developer platform.
  • It is common practice for application developers to buy advertising through networks on our platform or other platforms or through Google ad words to promote their applications.
  • Featured Apps in the application gallery are a combination of editorial and paid placement. They are based on sponsorship and sometimes based on editor’s picks (what we think are cool apps).


  • By us having advertising on the application gallery, it in no way means MySpace will limit the functionality for developers to build rich and engaging applications.
  • Everyone from Mumbai to Moscow to Michigan can develop on MySpace; whether you’re 18 or 118.
  • All developers are subject to the OpenSocial standards.

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Extending its business ties with the sub-continental nation Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Interactive Media, a division of News Corp., made the company’s online foray by launching yet another product. MySpace, a premier lifestyle portal for connecting with friends canoed through the quirky shores of Indian Social Networking arena, amidst much sea-side fanfare at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, to officially launch the India edition of the website on April 17.

The Mumbai launch, followed by a rock concert event at the historic Land’s End Amphitheater, had MySpace’s Chief Operating Officer Amit Kapur and Managing Director of International Travis Katz flown in. As part of MySpace’s rapid expansion which includes a network of 29 international territories; MySpace India would be a community designed for Indian users.The launch comes on the heels of the recent MySpace Korea which was ushered, earlier this week, by CEO Chris DeWolfe and Travis Katz in Seoul.

MySpace India Launch Rock Concert

“We’re thrilled today to be launching MySpace in one of the world’s most vibrant cultures,” said Travis Katz, Managing Director of International for MySpace. “We will be providing the people of India the tools they need to live their lives online and empower them with a launch pad for Indian creators from developers, to musicians to filmmakers, to showcase their talents on the global stage.”

Travis Katz, Managing Director of International for MySpace and Chief Operating Officer for MySpace, Amit Kapur“MySpace has become the largest and most dynamic social platform in the world and continues to be a leader in defining the emerging global social web,” said Chief Operating Officer for MySpace, Amit Kapur. “We will continue driving innovation and creating forwarding-thinking business models that foster a more personal, portable, and collaborative Web as we continue to grow our international community.”

Sources suggest that an alliance with Star TV, an India television network, for television program “Campus Star” is underway. News, that’s making rounds, hints that on April 21, the MySpace Developer Platform team will be on-site in Bangalore to welcome local developers onto the open MySpace platform.

TechSadhu had first reported of the proposed MySpace India launch at – MySpace India launch on April 17th, Chris DeWolfe’s attendance likely.

TechSadhu Verdict:

Now we know who’d hired the 1980’s designer, who was all this while under hibernation. Cool! We’ve got a piece of history here. They need to work on the restoration, though.

Expansion: “As part of MySpace’s rapid expansion a network of 29 international territories; MySpace India….”
Blah Blah Blah! Dude, you’re telling me before this Launchy Business happened, Indians didn’t knew what’s MySpace is? Give me a Kit-Kat, and I’ll get the Break!

MySpace India: “… a community designed for Indian users”
Hold on, hold on. You don’t make communities designed for Indian users by placing Amitabh Bachchan videos on the homepage. I bet you can’t have that Teacher’s Profile, who gave me to write the whole chapter 50 times, for not doing my homework, while in School – Can you?

Namaste! Welcome to India, Meet you at Orkut.

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