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The HHS Office of HIV/AIDS Policy announced today that the Web site AIDS.gov, a gateway to all federal domestic HIV /AIDS information and resources, now has an innovative look and feel that incorporates a blog, podcasts, and other new media tools.

AIDS.gov Home Page MessageThe blog, one of AIDS.gov’s latest features, focuses on using new media – interactive forms of communication based on the Internet – in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The blog addresses topics such as podcasts, social networks (e.g. MySpace and Facebook), mobile phone text messaging, and Web site usability and accessibility.

HHS, which hosts AIDS.gov, developed the site with input from public health experts, representatives of HIV/AIDS service organizations, federal employees, people living with HIV/AIDS, and the general public. AIDS.gov was first launched on Dec. 1, 2006, which is World AIDS Day.

“As we approach the 27th year of this epidemic, new media tools are an effective and interactive way to deliver information to and engage with AIDS service providers, health departments, federal partners, community partners, and the general public,” said Miguel Gomez, director of AIDS.gov.

Visitors to AIDS.gov can listen to and view a monthly podcast series, Conversations on AIDS.gov, directly on the site, as well as download episodes. Each episode features a brief interview with a government official about topics impacting the lives of people living with, or at risk for, HIV/AIDS. The address is http://www.aids.gov/podcast/aids_podcast.html.

One of AIDS.gov’s other added features is that visitors can subscribe to an RSS feed to receive updates when new information is added to thesite. This enables subscribers to have information delivered to them, instead of having to constantly check the site for it.

AIDS.gov’s new design helps visitors navigate through a wealth of HIV/AIDS resources. The site includes the latest HIV/AIDS news, basic HIV/AIDS information, information on prevention, education, treatment, and care resources.

Many HHS agencies collaborate to make AIDS.gov a user-friendly, accessible, and helpful source of information. Non-HHS partners include the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, and the State Department’s Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator.”

AIDS.gov is a key source for federal domestic HIV/AIDS information. The site’s new look and feel, and improved navigation, enhances our ability to reach the country with critical HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and research messages and resources,” said Christopher H. Bates, acting director of HHS’ Office of HIV/AIDS Policy. To learn more, visit: http://www.AIDS.gov.


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Obama\'s faith outreach; how high food prices are affecting the organic food market; and a discussion on whether \COVER:The Post-American World” (p. 24). Newsweek International Editor Fareed Zakaria, in an excerpt from his forthcoming book, “The Post-American World,” writes that in America “we are still debating the nature and extent of anti-Americanism. One side says that the problem is real and worrying and that we must woo the world back. The other says this is the inevitable price of power and that many of these countries are envious – and vaguely French – so we can safely ignore their griping. But while we argue over why they hate us, ‘they’ have moved on, and are now far more interested in other, more dynamic parts of the globe. The world has shifted from anti-Americanism to post- Americanism.” In the excerpt, Zakaria explores not the decline of America but “the rise of the rest – the rest of the world.”

POLITICS:Obama’s New Gospel” (p. 32). Washington Correspondent Eve Conant and Senior White House Correspondent Richard Wolffe report on the efforts of Barack Obama’s campaign to get the word out to religious voters that the candidate is serious about their concerns and that his relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. is over. Voters in Indiana want to know if Obama believes Wright’s more controversial statements and what is the status of their relationship.

POLITICS:A Turbulent Pastor” (p. 34). White House Correspondent Holly Bailey reports on Pastor John Hagee, the San Antonio televangelist who has offended Roman Catholics and other groups, and his endorsement of John McCain. McCain and his aides draw a sharp distinction between his relationship to Hagee and Obama’s ties to the Rev. Wright. McCain’s aides attribute the Hagee controversy to poor vetting. But even some Republicans (not affiliated with the campaign) privately wonder how the pastor’s extreme views slipped through without notice.

TRAGEDY:She Thought She Could Do Better” (p. 40). Washington Correspondent Eve Conant reports on the apparent suicide of “the D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey. During the course of numerous conversations with Newsweek over the last year, Palfrey portrayed herself as a self-made woman looking for the American Dream and as a feminist who wanted to “empower” woman. She made available to Newsweek a half-finished 95-page memoir she described as “my little literary undertaking.” Her story – about her “little cottage industry” – provides a revealing insight into the motives and lifestyles of high-end prostitutes.

JUSTICE:Look Past Polygamy” (p. 42). Los Angeles Bureau Chief Andrew Murr reports that for decades, the lessons of the disastrous 1953 raid on the polygamous community of Short Creek, Arizona, home to the roughly 500 men, women and children of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, had exerted great influence on law enforcement’s attitudes toward FLDS. And now all are watching to see what will happen in Eldorado, Texas, following last month’s raid on the Yearning for Zion Ranch.

TECHNOLOGY:The Art of Mayhem and Murder” (p. 43). General Editor N’Gai Croal reviews Grand Theft Auto IV, after playing it 10 hours or so. He writes that it’s a “much slower burn” than its predecessors, which introduced you much sooner to the mayhem “that has twisted its critics’ knickers.” Croal writes that for the first several hours it’s all about the relationships your alter ego Niko Bellic has, before you even see a gun.

PROJECT GREEN:A Chain That Pigs Would Die For” (p. 45). General Editor Anna Kuchment reports on Chipotle Mexican Grill CEO Steve Ells’s success with his mission to serve humanely raised, sustainably grown food at his restaurants, including meat and dairy products that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Since launching what it calls Food With Integrity, Chipotle has been serving sour cream and cheese free of the hormone rBGH, organic beans, and naturally raised pork, chicken and meat. Last month it announced it would buy locally grown produce whenever possible.

Natural Response” (p. 48). Midwest Bureau Chief Keith Naughton reports that with food prices rising, sales of organic food are starting to wane. The healthy-food craze mushroomed this decade, growing 150 percent since 2001 to reach $19 billion in sales last year. But now with gas near $4 a gallon, the $7 gallon of organic milk doesn’t look as good. After years of 20 percent annual sales growth, consumers are curtailing their consumption of organics, according to market researcher the Hartman Group.

Empty-Net Syndrome” (p. 49). Special Correspondent Paul Tolme reports that for the first time, federal and state fisheries officials have closed the salmon harvest season in California and in most of Oregon. The reason: Only 90,000 fish returned last fall to the Sacramento River chinook run, down 90 percent from just a few years ago. Experts blame water diversions for agriculture and communities, pollution, dams that have cut off salmon from their upstream spawning grounds and unfavorable ocean conditions that diminished food sources in the Pacific.

TELEVISION:Legend or Loser: Does ‘Seinfeld’ Still Hold Up After 10 Years?” (p. 58). Nope. Arts and Entertainment Editor Marc Peyser writes that when “Seinfeld” went off the air 10 years ago, it was widely considered to be a classic, and many fans call it the best sitcom ever. “Was it either? Or neither,” he writes. “As someone who doesn’t dip into its bottomless rerun pool very much, I was surprised when I sat down with the show again by how poorly ‘Seinfeld’ holds up. What once seemed smart … feels like shtik. The pacing-no show had ever packed in so many scenes, some of them lasting a few seconds-now seems formulaic and forced.”

Yep.” (p. 59). Senior Editor David Noonan counters Peyser, and writes that the show is still funny, mostly because of the supporting cast of characters that play off the four leads, such as Newman, George’s parents and Jerry’s parents. “Although it’s about four friends in New York in the ’90s, ‘Seinfeld’s’ best jokes have almost nothing to do with all that, another reason it endures. The contamination of Jerry’s car by a parking valet’s lethal BO, Kramer’s finding the old Merv Griffin set and turning his apartment into a talk show, the invention of the Mansiere.”

TIP SHEET:Cutting Back Your Hours” (p. 60). Chicago Correspondent Karen Springen reports that today more than 25 million Americans work part time and employers are making it easier to work fewer hours: 36 percent now give employees the chance to work part time, according to a survey. Springen offers some guidance on how to work part time successfully: know how to land the job, set ground rules up front and be flexible.

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Bloggers and social media enthusiasts on the Internet have weighed in on the heated race for the democratic presidential nomination, and while the press and pundits are declaring Clinton’s victory in Pennsylvania a possible turning point in her road to the White House, Obama is still the big winner in the blogosphere.

According to RelevantNoise, Zeta Interactive’s technology that mines the Internet’s social media landscape – including blogs, as well as Consumer Generated Media (CGM) – the amount of buzz, or volume of posts, on the Internet regarding Barack Obama continues to be higher than Hillary Clinton. In fact, while both candidates received a substantial boost in buzz from the Pennsylvania primary, Obama’s spike far exceeded Clinton’s despite her win – with the volume of posts on Obama registering more than twice that of Clinton’s.

Volume of posts on Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton from March (3/24/08) - April (4/24/08).

However, although Obama clearly wins in terms of buzz among the social media landscape, not all of the buzz is positive. While Obama registered a 70 percent share of voice among positive posts on the social internet, he also recorded nearly the same percentage of share within the negative posts. This means that of all the bloggers who posted negative opinions on one of the two candidates, Obama stole the vast majority of the share.

Tone comparison for Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton from March (3/24/08) - April (4/24/08).

RelevantNoise is a Web-based, user-driven social media mining tool that instantly taps into the over 75 million blogs, as well as message boards and online communities within the Internet’s social media landscape, providing real-time feedback and insight on the consumer trends and opinions that help drive their behaviors. A growing number of organizations rely on the technology to collect vital business and competitive intelligence to help drive decisions regarding their brands and products.

In addition to measuring the volume and tone of conversations across the blogosphere, RelevantNoise also measures the influence level of bloggers, and provides links to all related posts. In the case of Barack Obama, RelevantNoise detected a significant increase in both positive and negative posts from a mixture of thousands of online authors, ranging from very influential bloggers to lesser-known authors. The technology is also able to measure competitors’ Internet buzz as well, including share-of-voice. So that a company or political campaign can compare the volume and tone of buzz surrounding its organization vs. the competition to help gauge the effectiveness of messaging and/or quickly change strategy when necessary.

“We used our RelevantNoise technology to gain insight on the democratic presidential race, and determine what was being said about each candidate heading into the critical upcoming primaries,” said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. “Searching on public reaction to important news topics such as the Obama/Clinton race continues to illustrate the immediate value of blog mining intelligence and analysis to businesses throughout the world.”

Zeta Interactive continues to innovate the next generation of digital marketing for Fortune 1000 customers, and its clients with full-service digital marketing offerings, including its award-winning RelevantNoise technology.

About Zeta Interactive

Zeta Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a wide range of services – from email and search marketing, to web site development, creative, business intelligence services and more. The company aims to be the leading provider of integrated, interactive services that help marketers realize the full potential of the Internet to build brands, increase sales, improve processes, and reduce costs. Zeta Interactive’s specialty is in crafting strategies and programs for customers that help them acquire, retain, up-sell, cross-sell and win back their customers-cost effectively and efficiently. The company does so by providing superior proprietary technology and a marketing approach that is focused on accountability, measurability and ROI metrics.

Headquartered in New York City, Zeta Interactive has more than 300 employees worldwide located in California, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Rhode Island and India. The company serves more than 200 clients currently, including such world-class companies as Time Inc., Sony Electronics Inc., and LiveNation. For more information please visit: http://www.zetainteractive.com. For more information on Zeta Interactive’s RelevantNoise go to http://www.relevantnoise.com.

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